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Mushroom Substrate Filling Machine
Edible fungus oyster mushroom substrate filling machine Used for filling mushroom substrate into bags for growing mushroom.
Rectangular Bag Filling Machine
Rectangular Bag filling machine is used to put the prepared compost of the tunnel into bags to growing mushroom.
Mushroom Bag Filler Machine
This Mushroom Bag Filler Machine is type of Electromagnetic clutch mushroom bagging machine used for filling bag for cultivation mushrooms, white fungus, in mushroom growing farm.
Double Screw Rectangular Bag Filling
Mushroom bagging equipment was used for square bags,Rectangular Bags for planting mushroom.
Hold Tube Bag Filling Machine
Hold Tube Bag Filling Machine Is an most simple filling machine for bagging mushroom compost to cultivation mushroom,fungus,enoki,oyster,Shitake etc.mushroom
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